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Creating the Stories in the Stones

Welcome to "The Stories in the Stones" a creative blog that explores the origins, history, science, and lore of gemstones!

Every stage in the lives of gemstones - from their birth within the planet, through their creation into beads, and then incorporation into jewelry - is filled with history, meaning and beauty.  This blog engages with every part of that process.

I have designed and created beaded jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bolo ties, key rings, charms, and other accessories for more than ten years.  My background starts in the sciences, which gives me an unusual perspective about gemstones.  From my Ph.D. in Planetary Science, with a sub-specialty in geology, I have a depth of knowledge about the structure and nature of all kinds of stones.  My B.S. in Astronomy gives me insight into their formation and origin.  I am fascinated by gemstones, and love how their natural colors and variations lead to complex and meaningful designs.

Jewelry is an emotional part of our lives.  We wear it not only to express our personality and individual aesthetic, but to celebrate major life events.  Birth, coming-of-age, graduation, marriage, anniversaries, years-of-service, and much more are often recognized with a gift of jewelry.  Certainly what is in my jewelry box is either a gift to me, something I bought to remember a trip or special occasion, an heirloom handed down for generations, or a piece that seemed the perfect way to express myself.

As I create with stones, I take care to ensure the elements work harmoniously to add to their natural gemstone legacy.  Beyond wanting something beautiful, we all want something that speaks to our heart.  I honor the fact that as you enjoy each piece of jewelry I create, its story continues to be written.

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