Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Little Artist

Etsy is fun for so many reasons, but mainly for the community of artists and crafters you meet. There are people from all over the world putting a little of themselves into the internet ethos, selling their art, making a little beer money, making ends meet, or making a good living. It's both enjoyable and inspiring to be a part of such and energetic and creative community.

In case you think we're all grownups here, let me add that there are also youngsters on Etsy who take their work quite seriously. One such little artist owns the shop "AnArtistNamedKatie," which features her paintings. Why sell her work on Etsy? According to her profile, it's to raise money for a new school building (and perhaps for that new horse she has always dreamed about)!

Check out her shop and you'll see why I've featured her. This is a kid's work, but there is a hint of her future artistic eye in it. Look at those faces in "Girl," "Mouse," and "A Pig in Theory." There's a poignancy in their expressions. This, coupled with genuinely interesting shading and color choices, makes her work rather captivating. Katie adds her own unique expression to the diverse, complicated, and fascinating world of arts and crafts.

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