Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wrist Malas: Convenient, Affordable, and Spiritually Handy

Although I love my beautiful carnelian 108 bead mala--and I love making 108 bead malas--I also own and frequently wear a wrist mala. Mine is aquamarine and crackle quartz with a small sterling buddha charm serving as the guru bead. It's pretty and wearable, it's pleasing to look at, and it is entirely functional.

Case in point: during a recent and particularly turbulent airplane ride which ended with an unpleasantly bumpy landing, you can bet I was using my wrist mala to close my eyes, focus, breathe, and not allow myself to freak out. Or throw up.

A stretch mala doesn't replace a hand-knotted 108 bead mala, but it is ideal when your regular mala is not available or convenient. I like to use mine when traveling, when out for a busy day working or running errands, or anytime I can't or don't wish to bring along my full mala. My wrist beads are always right with me, next to my skin, ready for use or just a quick reminder to be in the moment and to stay calm. They're also pretty.

I'm excited to say that we have just listed several new wrist malas in our shop. I have been designing and making these for some time, and I'm excited to have them available at last. Nothing makes me happier than sharing an item that brings peace, acceptance, and awareness.


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